Sunday, May 8, 2022

Origen of Alexandria

ORIGEN OF ALEXANDRIA (Roman Christian, c. 185-253 CE)

An early Christian theologian, Origen was born in Alexandria and spent the first half of his life there, until conflict with a jealous bishop, Demetrius, caused him to relocate to Caesarea. As a lad he tried to be martyred with his dad (who was beheaded), but Mom hid his clothes to keep him home (willing to die, but not to be embarrassed). He wrote about 2,000 theological treatises. Some consider him a "Church father," one of the greatest geniuses of the early church; but scurrilous charges by Demetrius--including that he castrated himself, and that he believed Satan could be redeemed--lessened his chances of universal acceptance. Being ordained by a friend, the bishop in another jurisdiction, caused Demetrius to accuse him of insubordination. Tortured by the Romans for his faith in 250--but never renouncing it--he died of his injuries a few years later.

  • On the First Principles was the first systematic exposition of Christian theology.
  • Contra Celsum was a point-by-point reply to a scathing attack by the Pagan philosopher Celsus.


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