Thursday, February 3, 2022

The Upanishads

THE UPANISHADS (India, c. 700-500 BCE)

This 4th section of The Vedas is also called the Vedanta, the end--both in time and purpose--of The Vedas. They contain more Hindu philosophy than the older portions and thus are better known and more accessible to the average reader. One story summarizes the intention of the texts when it says "You are That," identifying the inquirer with the Atman, the Highest Self. About 108 Upanishads are known, 12 or so of them being most important. Schopenhauer called them "the most profitable and elevating reading... possible in the world."

  • The Brhadaranyaka, Katha, Kena, and Mundaka Upanishads are of special interest.


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